Towel Teddy Bears

All you need:

Old towels, elastic bands, thread and needle or glue-gun, buttons

Musical statues

Play music (either live or from a speaker). When you stop the music, the children must freeze. After a few rounds change the action: sit/hands up/stand on one leg when the music stops. Added bonus, get the child to choose the action.

Picture frame

  • Cut cardboard in desired shape

  • cover with toilet paper and glue and let dry

  • Paint

  • Decorate 

Animal dancing

Play some music for the child(ren) to dance to.  Once they get a groove on, shout the name of an animal or point to a picture of an animal.  At this point, the children must start dancing like that animal.  They can also make the noises that the animal might make in the wild.  

Draw what you hear

Play short songs from various musical styles and ask the children to draw what they hear, next, be amazed by their creativity!

Percussion instruments

Get the child(ren) to touch the different percussion instruments and figure out the different ways they can be played. 

Heart beat: 

Ask the child(ren) to listen to their heart beat and then to try match it with their chosen percussion instrument. 

Musical dynamics: 

Ask the child(ren) to play fast, slow, quiet, loud, soft and hard. 

Listening to instruction: 

Ask the child(ren) to be a conductor, bringing their arms up if they want you to play loudly and down if they want you to play quietly, add new gestures as they progress - reverse roles 

Make your own puzzle

Draw/paint a picture, cut it into pieces and try reconstruct the image. Alternatively, use craft sticks to create the different parts of your puzzle like the image above!

Stamp making


To create your very own stamp, cut out foam shapes and stick them on your bottle lids/Styrofoam. This creates an easy to grip home made stamp, perfect for little hands! Alternatively, you can just use old potatoes! You can then either use a stamp pad, or dip your stamp in paint and you’re all set to stamp away (on paper, not walls!) 

Play Dough

All you need:

Water, flour, salt, food colouring (optional)

Paper mache

Materials needed: Balloon of any shape, liquid glue, brush, paint,  string, toilet paper/ newspaper


Decorate a tin or container of any kind with cut out images from magazines and newspaper


Use journaling prompts for an easy introduction to journaling:

What do you love about yourself? (draw or write the answer)

What is fun to you? (draw or write the answer)


Compose a rap

Musical composition is a rewarding activity that gives children and teenagers  a chance to express themselves.  Rapping is a fantastic form of musical composition for children because they don’t need to be able to read or write music to create an engaging song.  

ToddlerTunez Songbook

There is plenty to do with the songbook! 

• Ask the child(ren) to make the sound of an animal mentioned in the song 

• Ask the child(ren) to act like an animal mentioned in the song 

• Learn some actions to go with the words 

• Create a band using percussion instruments 

• Some of the songs may be difficult for little children but you can always simplify the chorus so they can learn it too 

Family tree

Draw a big tree without any leaves. Ask the child to think of everyone in their family and get them to write/help them write the names all over the paper. It is now the child’s mission to get every member of their family to create a leaf with their finger print next to their name to finish the tree!

Mini Telescope

Decorate an empty toilet roll with as much creativity as possible, this could be using markers, sticking coloured paper on it or whatever else you can come up with and then look through your mini telescope and see what you can spot. Easy peasy!