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Trained in music (voice), art and cultural management  and events

management, Léa has always been at the forefront of art and music facilitation in the form of teaching and/or events. With influence from Tanzania where she grew up and Madagascar, where her mother is from, Léa uses teaching techniques from a mixture of cultures and adapts them to the child, creating a truly unique experience. Both her undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from the University of Kent and King's College London were chosen with the dual goal of developing her artistic skillset as well as understanding the relevant industries with their organisational, administrative and management aspects to a degree that would allow her to seamlessly work in teaching, producing and management roles.



Trained as a theatre practitioner and arts manager, Corinna has a deep love for all the arts spanning from performance art to music and the visual arts. She has been practicing these art forms and producing events featuring different creative experiences since her time at University – at Queen Mary University of London and King’s College London. Combine this with her love for children and you’ll see where her passion for ToddlerTunez’s work comes from! She is originally from Milan and came to London fascinated by London’s artistic richness. She now works towards giving families and their toddlers an opportunity to enjoy play and creativity in a safe space with professional artists through ToddlerTunez.