The arts can be a great contributor to children’s growth. Artistic activities in a range of disciplines have been proven to foster emotional growth, cognitive development, the development of vocabulary and motor skills to name a few. 


ToddlerTunez upgrades traditional babysitting by incorporating tailored, artistic, safe and age appropriate activities into sessions with the child. We promise a range of activities within the creative expertise of our sitters in accordance with the ToddlerTunez method, bed time routines as specified by the parents or guardian and a trustworthy person to ensure your child is not alone while you enjoy some time out or are busy. Services start at £25 per hour with no joining fee or obligation to commit. All our sitters are professionals in their artistic field, are first aid trained, have a valid DBS check and most importantly, have a love for working with children.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” 

Maya Angelou

Our Values


We are a friendly company that aims to deliver its best to its clients in a communicative, educational and passionate manner.  As the benefits of early artistic education are still not fully understood by most, we strive to be accessible for explaining the approach and benefit of our concept. 


ToddlerTunez employs artists who also have a passion for child care. All working for ToddlerTunez understand the value of the arts and its positive impact on the development of children. All our staff attend specialist training and have a DBS check and first aid training.


We strive to be as diverse as possible in the different art forms our babysitters are able to cater for, as well as the languages we can offer sessions in. Our babysitters also come from all over the world, giving our sessions a truly global aspect.


At ToddlerTunez, we care about our environment. The materials we use in our sessions are often regular things that are found in the home and that can be reused. We also reuse arts & craft materials rather than throwing them away and we make use of natural materials such as sticks and leaves to minimise waste.


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